Imagine being able to access an inner calm, a place of stillness, where healing can occur...

"Follow the wisdom that is inside you"

Meet Simon 

Hello. I first came across Craniosacral Therapy in 1998 when my son was born, beginning serious study in 2005 after an illness confined me to a wheelchair for three years. Since that time and throughout my complete recovery, I continued to study and to extend my practice with Homeopathy and Flower Remedies.

CranioSacral Healing offers the possibility of combining Craniosacral Therapy with Homeopathy and healing techniques. Homeopathy and Craniosacral Therapy align perfectly and work on different levels for different people; physical, emotional and spiritual.  

The powerful tool of Hypnotherapy remains a key element in my practice, whether for stopping smoking, weight loss, phobias, changing life patterns or to ease stress and anxiety. My experience has been that the blend of holistic approaches can lead us toward a greater understanding of how the mind works, find greater clarity and peace and take the next step in life with ease.

At CranioSacral Healing we also work extensively with animals, providing Alternative Health For Pets as well as offering distance/ online consultations and Healing.

I love the work. It has brought me to a better relationship with my own health and continues to fascinate and sustain me. 


The Karuna Institute 

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