CranioSacral Healing Mentor-Training Programme

C.S.H. Training

This is a limited numbers tuition course to provide a personal mentor-training programme for practioners in CranioSacral Healing – C.S.H.

The CranioSacral Healing Mentor-Training Programme is a study of the holistic healing techniques of craniosacral therapy. We will work with both humans and animals and include the spiritual aspects of holistic healing, including esoteric anatomy, underpinned with the universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought and how these manifest within the craniosacral system.


The training is further supported by study and understanding of other complementary therapies: Homeopathy, Flower essences and working with Essential Oils.


The programme is designed to enable personal 1:1 mentoring, as well as the group experience, and to enable distance learning as well as ‘in the room’ experience. There will be six ‘in situ’ weekend modules per year. IN ADDITION, each participant will receive 10 personal 1:1 mentor/ tutorial sessions per year (online). IN ADDITION, there will be six online group tutorials per year.


The full course runs over two years. Successful graduates will be entitled to use the letters CSH after their name.


The course will be led by Simon Egerton CSH BCST ICrA CNHC   Simon is the founder of CranioSacral Healing – C.S.H.                     



THE PROGRAMME – intake 2019




6 weekends


Wknd 1 – The Principles behind C.S.H. in which we explore the principles behind CranioSacral Healing, how we perceive reality through Mind, Consciousness & Thought and how this correlates to the Principles of Craniosacral Therapy. For those with some knowledge of craniosacral therapy, this will bring a new understanding of what we perceive, the connections it manifests through the ‘Breath of Life’ and the breadth of its scope.


Wknd 2 - Craniosacral 1 – Fundamentals Building on the understanding of the principles behind CSH we look at the ‘mechanics’ of the craniosacral system, palpation and practice and what it is that we perceive. For those that already have some understanding or training in Craniosacral Therapy, the understanding and experience of the universal Principles at work within the cranial system will enable a deepening of the skills already present.                                    


Wknd 3 - Craniosacral 2  Anatomy & Esoteric Anatomy Whilst deepening the palpatory listening skills we look at some of the esoteric aspects inherent in our anatomy (as well as within the structures of plants and animals), building an understanding of the underlying spiritual nature of form, the formless within the form, as well as the energetic patterns (meridians) that manifest within (as with Traditional Chinese Medicine). This begins to examine the very nature of ‘health’ as it relates to form/ anatomy. 


Wknd 4 - Homeopathy (First Aid) Many therapists deepen their practices with additional therapeutic skills. Homeopathy is an ideal complimentary practice with craniosacral therapy and a key part of the CSH practice. We look at the principles behind homeopathy and how it relates to the deeper principles behind CSH, understand the process of homeopathic diagnosis, bringing in a useful collection of remedies for regular practical use in conjunction with craniosacral therapy.    


Wknd 5 - Craniosacral 3 Deepening Practice What is it we feel? What is it that happens? How do we facilitate change? Starting with the biosphere, the nature of touch and contact are a key part of this exploration, looking at working both on and off the body and at distance and how in particular this relates to traumatic states.

Wknd 6 - Craniosacral 4 Working with Children & Animals Working with children and animals follows directly on from the nature of touch in Module 5 and learning to ‘tune in’ without traditional set up of a therapeutic space and couch. This is, by necessity, a ‘whatever works’ approach, that might be crawling around the floor or even in the undergrowth! However, the understanding of relationship and the practitioner’s role is key to facilitating ‘in the field’.                              


N.B. It is important to understand that a commitment to experiential experience and practice is essential in order to inaugurate and develop the above learning and to gain sufficient understanding to move into the 2nd Year programme




6 weekends


Wknd 7 - Craniosacral 5 The Tides & The Principles We revisit the tides within the craniosacral system to further understand how these relate to the universal Principles behind CSH. We will also look at fulcrums, energetic patterns and recognising certain substances that have remained energetically in the system (e.g. anaesthetic, recreational drugs, chemotherapy) and how these effect the whole.


Wknd 8 - Flower Remedies Flower remedies are an invaluable addition to the healing process. Getting to know the ‘personalities’ of the remedies and prescribing appropriately can, as with homeopathy, facilitate a quicker shift within the system and a greater availability of the client’s system. We will also look at taking case histories and methods of prescribing in this module.

Wknd 9 – Craniosacral 6 The Body Map Working with Essential Oils and incorporating Homeopathy and Flower Remedies in practice A revision of esoteric anatomy and how this can help us with information about the client and how to facilitate change. We look at using remedies at specific physical sites on the body. This is a deeper look at the body and the system within; the form and the formless. 

Wknd 10 - Grounding and Developing Your Practice What it takes to get a practice up and running. How to develop and maintain a client base and find opportunities available in the holistic field. The realities of creating a business, whilst remaining comfortable with the ideals of holistic care.


Wknd 11 - Craniosacral 7 Trust and Deepening A large part of holistic practice is enabling ourselves, as well as our clients, to be ‘ok’ with ‘not knowing’. A key part of the facilitator’s role is drawing on the knowledge that enables, whilst not always ‘knowing’, and trusting in the inherent wisdom of the system that is presenting (and in the way that it is presenting). We will look at non-specific energies that manifest, including entities and how to treat them with care for all parties.

Wknd 12 - Craniosacral 8 (inc Practical assessment) Learning assignments and case studies are due, together with an informal presentation of findings on a specific topic of interest and led as a discussion forum by each participant.






Costed individually, the elements of the course total £3660+ per annum

EACH YEAR consists of:

6 Weekend seminars                          (individual price 6x£380 = £2280)

10 online coaching/ tutorials                (individual price 10x£120 = £1200)                           

6 online group tutorials                        (individual price 6x£30 = £180)

(Learning guidance, Course materials, case studies and research projects marking and feedback are FREE)


EARLY BIRD OFFER available only until the end of 2018 at the price of £2440 per annum (or 12 monthly instalments of £210). A deposit of £210 secures this price (nothing further to pay until February).

That is 33.33% off the total price.

IN ADDITION – Course members that sign up for the early bird package will be guaranteed the same price for the 2nd Year.


On January 1st the price will rise to a package price of £2745 per annum (or 12 monthly instalments of £236).

That is still 25% off the total price.  


IN ADDITION – Both package deals includes open access for life to all future weekends and group calls on the same course. This includes any missed or deferred weekend classes at no extra cost. All updates of course materials will remain open to previous course members. There will be an ongoing “advice line” available to all course members for a year after completion.

The first weekend for Year 1 intake will be in February 2019


If you have any questions about the programme please email or leave a message at +44 (0)7952 088874 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible and take care of you.

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